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Donna Barr (born 1952) one of the classic authors of the 1980's black-and-whites comic books. Quest into this page for Love, Honor, Death, Tea, Fantasy, and the best boots and centaurs anywhere. More Biography.

For Donna's autograph for ANY of her books, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Donna Barr, PO Box 363, Clallam Bay, WA, 98326, and ask for a signed bookplate. Tell her which book/s, so she knows how much space to allow. You'll get squiggles, too.

All original art pages have been donated to the Donna Barr Collection at the San Diego State University. See sidebar (right) for commission prices for new art.

This catalog is divided by shopping carts; Donna and A Fine Line Press have been just that busy! She's made it at simple as possible, so you should be able to find everything. Don't be afraid to ask: EMAIL

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Donna has collected all her comic-sized books on Indyplanet. Entire catalogs of these sparkling new reprints let you get all that pretty cover art and more inside cover art - for amazingly old-fashioned prices. 

NOTE: If Indyplanet links don't work, google Indyplanet + The Desert Peach or Stinz or Hader and the Colonel or Bosom Enemies.

The Desert Peach: The saga of the life of The Desert Fox's fictional gay brother. All the classic issues of Love, Honor, Death and Tea at Indyplanet. Click here for the entire catalog.

Stinz: The entire series of the life of the handsome black centaur stallion, through love and war and a very strange peace, finally numbered in order, with all the beautiful cover art and more color art inside. Click here for the entire catalog.

Bosom Enemies: The strange and celebrated allegory on slavery, in a world where horses are people and people are horses. All four issues, with the bright cover art and more color art inside. Click here for all the issues.

Hader and the Colonel: The fable of a little rabbit trying to be a human and his odd ally, a very carnivorous harpy Colonel. Beautiful art and story in a complete series. Click here for this lovely book.

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Donna's Lulu Page - Full Collections, calendars, freebies, comics, prose, goodies galore: CLICK HERE

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The CCNow Cart: 

Also included in the Everything Box (SEE BELOW), but can be purchased separately: 

Hader and the Colonel (Left); $12.95 The original backstock version of all the collected short tales. The story of the little rabbit that could - and his odd ally, the savage harpy Colonel, on a quest at once hilarious and poignant.


"The Everything/Nerd Party Box" $50.00
SOME of the Everything Box
Contains a copy of all off-set back-stock books AND enough extras to not only give pressies for friends AND hold a Nerd Party (which is like a Tupperware party, but cooler). The REASON it's so cheap is because I throw whatever I've got into it. There is NO guarantee of what you'll get -- just that you'll get an excellent deal. The photo is JUST a suggestion - but it will always be fabulous! And sometimes surprises! (Sorry, no elephant-foot lamps. The elephants wouldn't like that.)

Right now, the Everything Box includes:
Desert Peach #2, The Bar Fight (A bar in North Africa -- and a Cossack with the anti-soviet forces makes the bad mistake of hitting the Peach's orderly.
The Desert Peach #24, Ups and Downs  The closest thing I've ever done to "to be continued." The beautiful bridge is right where Rommel and the 8th army want it -- and they're racing to get there first -- right in the middle of the Peach's carefully-organized little oasis of peace. What to do, what to do? 
The Desert Peach #26, Miki: Leutnant Winzig, The Human Swastika has his own command, in Europe, as Germany dies. Of course, his sergeant, Udo, has to save his short-tempered butt. Repeatedly. 
The Desert Peach #27, New and Different  Where did the Peach get his lovely scarf and ear-ring? And whose idea was that ribbon on his riding crop in the first place? Rommel is still kicking himself. 
The Desert Peach #28, Tongue After the war, the Peach, Rosen, and the kid who saved Pfirsich's mind after the final days, live in peace and plenty.  It doesn't keep them from reminiscing about the Bad Old Days.
The Desert Peach #29,Out of the East (The Path of the Friend)
For 30 years, the Peach's son has been searching for Udo, who went missing during Operation Keelhaul.  Rosen really wishes grand-boy hadn't succeeded.
Desert Peach #30, Headaches
Back in the Afrika Korps days, Rommel finds out his brother has been putting on an act about being so silly and fluffy. The Desert Fox is not really happy about his bro's rather sordid fellow conspirators, either.

Stinz III-6, A Marvelous Resistance Stinz has kept a secret for so many years, and now he has to tell his old captain.
Stinz III-7; A Dog's Life Nobody really know what the end-of-war changes were really about -- but Stinz and Sergeant Gift are about to get a graphic demonstration.
Stinz III-8, Playthings Bullets and machine-pistols have never been playthings, but they're even more dangerous in Stinz's world than they are in ours.  Stinz's nasty grandson -- he can't stand that kid -- doesn't make things any better.
Stinz, Charger, The War Stories Collection: All the stories of Stinz's short but intense career in the army, including the day he was drafted, his basic training and his first battle.
Stinz, Tribals: Stinz's future son-in-law goes out to see if he can find his new dad. All the loose ends in the Stinz saga are tied up and resolved in preparation for the leap to the Afterdead series.
Bosom Enemies: People as horses and horses as people. Has been called an allegory of slavery.
Hader and the Colonel, possibly The Totally Socially Unacceptable Alphabet, usually some Clallam Bay Comicon souvenir sticker badges. 


Donna's Amazon author's page on Amazon, including the Afterdead collections. Most of these books are not sold by her, so if you find multiple issues of her books, check to see if she's making the sale; check old series issues to see if you can get them here, first. Some of her books are even on KINDLE