Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dryad's Rest

Visiting our friends at Dryad's Rest, near Dryad, Washington. I will be posting more photos at Folktalk. In the meantime, if Roberta Gregory and I had not gotten a little lost, we would not have seen the dinosaurs down the road.

MMMMM. If we were farmers of ancient Egypt, we would be thanking the Gods for the rich, soft, fine silt the river had generously bestowed upon us.

But because we are silly modern Americans, we are cursing toxic, sewage-laden sludge that threatens the houses we built on the floodplain.

Silly, silly amateur rural people.

Fluffy! "Give me love, spin me around on my back, let me chew on you feeners!"

This is my cat fix at Dryad's Rest.

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