Sunday, April 27, 2008

Desert Peach Collection

I'm in the end stretch of finally putting together the big Desert Peach Collection, Issues 1-30. It will have ALL the episodes -- with the possible exception of #18, the program book, which would feature at my Lulu site as a separate book. I still have to think about that. I'm planning to put the book up at Cafe Press as well. No color pages; those would have to be reserved for a Booksurge (Amazon's company) and/or Wowio edition.

I'm also doing a final rewrite and repost of "An Insupportable Light," the original Stinz novel. It's been years trying to get everything done, including posting books for print on demand. I hope this is the LAST time I have to do this.

In the meantime, readers -- especially you overseas people -- are responding well to The Everything Box. I long ago made my printing costs on this backstock, and it costs no more to send a big priority box for a low price + shipping, than to get on a plane and buy a booth. Readers get to share with friends, overseas dealers get to sell for retail or nice markdown, and the books get out to people who've wanted them, and to share with their friends.

The Box would make a lovely present for a friend, too. Let me know if it's for that purpose, and I'll do something special.

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