Monday, May 19, 2008

Emerald City Comicon

Short entry -- will add more later.

This is the trip to the Emerald City Comicon.

Before I took off on the bus, took a beach walk. It's officially summer, because Dan and I can both wade the Clallam River. Way down there at the end? We're right behind the edge of the trees, to the right of the white buildings -- the former lighthouse keeper's house, before the Sheriff's office had the lighthouse and walkway yanked down "for safety reasons."

Lake Crescent on the Way. I got from our place to the Bainbridge Ferry for $4.50, using city busses. I've written an article for it for the Peninsula Daily News, but if they don't use it, I'll be posting it at Associated Content, for those who've asked how to do it.

Yes, this is how part of my bus route looks:

Didn't have a booth or artist's table at the con, so shared space with Keith Curtis. Why Crater On The Moon was the coolest booth at the show. Review of COTM at Associated Content.

Will be posting a review of Jobnik -- the only book I could find during a solid hunt through the whole show for a review target that had its own voice and vision. Everything else was pretty, but pretty cookie-cutter; been there, read that (how sad is that?). Come back later this week for a review.

Mostly toured around the con, contacting retailers, doing deals, distributing info, then a real treat -- cruising the artist's alley, big hellos to old buds and colleagues.

Stuck around after the show to visit folks and see neat things.

Sunday night after the con, at Hidmo, the Eritrian Restaurant. This be a vegetarian platter. Yum! They have music, too.

The Kubota Gardens. The pond is part of several built along a naturally-fed creek.

The Great Wall in bloom -- Steve Gallacci in his back yard, before his vertical garden. Steve and Bear (his Giant Pomeranian Used Dog) drove me back home Tuesday, where we all watched his DVD of Rattatouille.

Dude. Peter O'Toole as the food critic. Really getting off on being the Bad Guy -- he rolls his RRRs and snarls and hisses.

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