Saturday, May 31, 2008

I hate my pens

All my pens died on me at the same time. My Rotring, my Kohinoor, the lot.

So now I am back to dipping crow-quills in a bottle of ink.

Laying out a final version of An Insupportable Light. Going to put it up at Lulu. I've cleaned ALL the pages -- over 1500 of them -- of The Desert Peach. Then I'll post two versions, at Lulu and through Amazon and my site. Copies of all the 600 dpi bmp files will be send on CD's and DVD's to the San Diego State University Special Collections.

Then it's Stinz's turn...

And when I'm done with that, I can get back to some serious writing. The problem with comics pages is nobody but the artist can really do final versions.

AGGGGGH. Maybe I can get it all done before I'm dead.

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