Thursday, July 3, 2008

Off To See The Wizard

Which is what I call it when I head out on the semi-annual trip to The Emerald City, ie Seattle.
I need to get more photos for article I'm flogging, on how to get from Seattle to here and back for less than $20.00. I took the actual ride, but now I need some better photos, and ironically, I need to go by my own vehicle to stop and pick up clear photos.

Also required: photos to monitor the "Scenic" Byway on Highway 112, promoted by the logging industry to show them thar environmen'lists how Working Forests -- well -- work. The Axman industry kind of shot themselves in the foot -- in a good way. The DNR still poisons the hell out of the ground to kill off the undergrowth in some of the areas (I plan to get the photos of the grass that is growing where the wild food plants should be), but on the Byway they're starting to leave it alone. Salal and salmon-berry look a lot better than raw stumps by themselves, and a lot sooner. The Axmen up here whine that they HAVE to clearcut because of the "jungle conditions." I grew UP in this stuff -- I once chased a runaway horse in my church clo's -- and only total sissies would call THIS a jungle. These white folks jes' lazy (a word my Immigrant Song people slings around real generous about cullud folks what won't work all day for half price). It's gonna be fun if the people up here stop using the Cancer Walk money for "research" and turn it into a class-action suit against the logging industry. They'll find out just how much money is in this business, and how much of it they've NOT been getting (my family was in the pulp industry; this is what happens when you let one of us get all edimicated).*

Anyway, I hope to (in order): (a) get Dan's birthday present dry-cleaned (b) visit a homesteading operation (and deliver them shrimp) (c) watch the Port Orchard fireworks with a beer in my hand (d) meet with a possible manager/agent (e) see if I can get the info off my sick computer (f) help a colleague use her domain-name and work a new camera (g) visit a friend's farm (h) pick up major supplies on the road back. When you live in the country you USE a trip.

Now if I only had a balloon.

(I'll be working on two customer stories, one featuring Udo and the Peach and the other Sgt. Kirschen from Stinz. I love me MacBook. And wifi.)

*My apologies to Eubonics. I learned my languages of irony and rage in the barracks, trying to learn to dance with the black girls. I drop into a bad imitation any time I spot general hypocrisy. They used me as a bad example: "Gull, you dance like Colbert here!" (My nee' name). If you'd ever seen me trying to do the Push-n-Pull or the Uncle Willie in hospital scrubs, you'd know what they meant.

And people ask me where I get these ideas....I should have had a video camera all my life.

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