Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Desert Peach Gone

Just sold out -- to the very last copy -- of The Desert Peach #16, "Plight Of The Phoenix."

And that is IT for that issue. I don't know of any other publishers who have it, even in their attics -- we've found all of those. You can check out Prism Comics at regular shows, and see what they've got, but I'm their supplier, and we're all running low.

I'm getting closer all the time on other books, including the early MU press books and even some of the A Fine Line Press books.

Desert Peach #1 and #2 are starting to go for about $20.00. #26, "Miki," is up to $9.00.

So if you actually collect these things, the old issues are going away. Grab the Everything Box at the Little Store (see link in the left column) while some of these things are still on hand.

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