Thursday, August 14, 2008

Insupportable Light Ships In December

The new revised "An Insupportable Light" will ship in December, not in November. So you have one more month to get those copies ordered. Since Diamond sends out orders in November, and I hit for books as soon as I get the order, you should still be safe ordering for the winter holidays.

Note: still negotiating with Amazon/Booksurge as they cluelessly scramble to figure out how to sell and track accounts for POD (A problem Lulu solved 10 years ago, and is still improving).

If a Booksurge book comes out at Amazon, you'll be able to tell it from a Lulu book, because the Lulu books have dark green (as in the attached illo) where the Amazon books will have purple.

The books that ship from Diamond will be from Lulu. Lulu books are better priced and better quality -- but give your comics shop a break and order from them! first, if you can afford to.

Diamond is still a good company (those of you tearing your hair over our beloved <>, believe me, compared to the rest of the publishing industry, they are a dream. And they keep track of accounts accurately and immediately.)

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