Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank Gods Summer's Over.

Up here, the arrival of autumn is a relief.

We don't get a lot of summer, and people get a little nuts, running around outside, building, fishing, doing yardwork, taking hikes, picking berries, piling up wood for winter, panicking over cougars, going to First People's festivals, bird-watching, running to the beach to watch gray whales swimming in close to see what bait the salmon fishermen are using, catching smelt, clamming, generally Northern Exposure at top speed.

When the rains close in, we get to sit around the wood stove and -- I at least -- get to start heavy-duty into writing and drawing again.

I'm nearly at the end of the major project to get all the old books re-published or re-printed. I have 64 pages I plan to start scanning tomorrow for AFTERDEAD 1.3.

But autumn has its own outside activities, so we went mushrooming. We found a nice bucket-ful of Chanterelles, but we scored on Sulphur Tuft. The former are drying, the latter simmering. Tomorrow I'll can the simmered mushrooms and keep the drying ones drying.

And back to writing.

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molly said...

i second this motion. summer is lovely but fall is where it all comes home again. we found just enough juicy little shaggymanes to make some gravy, love those mushrooms.