Friday, September 5, 2008

What happens during research.

This is what happens when I'm researching other things for somebody's commission story -- you know who you are!!

Okay, The Hurtin' Albertans sing "Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier!" Here are the Lyrics. I dunno if I'll buy the album, but I like some of the songs. Ya gotta love ITunes.

Quite the list of cavalry actions! Somebody's done their research. I could name a few more, but what rhymes with Florian Guyer? Oh, why not try (BAD POETRY ALERT)?:

"I rode the steppes with Florian Guyer
and the commissars we hung higher
than the wolves could grab their feet.

And the ladies of Valhalla
With their winged-helmet wallahs
Swooped in where the battle wasn't sweet."

You get the idea. Oh no! Have I begun a new tradition of writing bad historical cavalry verses for "Horse Soldier?"

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