Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Link Madness

I found this old photo of me. Dan wanted me to point the gun at him, but I don't do that because (1) it makes a boring photo and (2) I never point a gun at anything I don't mean to kill. Unlike stupid chimps who think these things are toys.

(Note: I am not this cute any more)

I just posted this photo at Webcomics Inc., and since this blog feeds into my blog at COMIXtalk, I am doing link madness:

"Hi! I found out about Webcomics Inc. on Deviantart.

I'm at Webcomicsnation which links back to more of my work at Moderntales.

I'm at Lulu.com which is where all my webcomics go when they go on paper."


Dave B. said...

Hey, I recognize this one! It was in the DP #18 Musical Program ish. That and your legs-are-sexy-in-uniform pose on the cannon (or was it a tank? Or a big big gun? I forget...). Anyway, yay resurfacing. And yay links. You do have oh so many of them. --Dave B.

Llyn Hunter said...

Do you still have the Luger? And does it shoot as good as it looks? I've always loved the design but have never gotten the opportunity to shoot one.

Miss Jane A. Barcroft said...

My God, you look like a young Rosen in the heat of battle.