Monday, November 10, 2008

Reader Tastes Confuse Author

Would somebody tell me why my character Kjars Winzig -- the Peach's unit's wanna-be Nazi political officer -- is so popular with my readers?

The guy was originally a walk-on foil, a b-actor who was on-stage for a one-time appearance, specifically to rant and make fun of those kind of people.

Then he (or his agent) got him bigger and better roles and he ended up taking over a whole book (Desert Peach #26, Miki -- still available at The Little Store over there in the left column of this blog).

The guy is damaged, obsessed, confused, internalized, has a horrible temper and is only marginally physically attractive.

Is this what makes the girls go for the vampires?


pataphysician said...

'Cause he's just so damn human! Given what we learn of his family in Self Propelled Target, he embodies the ethical dilemma of the common citizen in a totalitarian regime. Udo has my sympathy as a closeted jew; but it's Kjars, the closeted intellectual, who I live and breath with.

Donna Barr said...

See? SEE? This demonstrates what I say about an author having no control over these things. These characters do what they damn-well please, and I don't even get texted beforehand. I'm lucky if they keep up their time cards, or keep me up to date on their cell numbers.

Dave B. said...

It's because assholes are fascinating when you don't have to deal with them personally. READING about them is a wonder - we can see the conflict, the humanity within. In real life, they just piss us off and we'd rather not give them the time of day, not even to "see" the buried complexities of their personality. In FICTION, however, we can sit back and study a character like an archeologist on the find of his life. As the writer, this probably baffles you, as you kind of sort of DO deal with Kjars every day, and often feel he's just an asshole not worth the frustration to "figure out". Me? I adore the lad. But then, in real life, I'd likely just want to throttle the half-crazy bastard. :) --Dave B.

Chris said...

Well he WAS an unwitting (sidesplitting) "target" for Camp hijinks thanks to Udo, and in #17 he plays a damnedbly hot piano.
And yes he's "human". ^^ There's just something about him that' funny. He has weaknesses too. I guess some can relate to him. Prost for Kjars!

molly said...

it's definitely his sheer fallible humanity; he reminds us that we can all be such assholes and all assholes can be so human, and that in the end we're one and the same. his journey in the 469th with the peach as his commander takes him to places i'm sure he never imagined being, and we love to watch him go to pieces over his own genuine human soul (especially over tcheff!)