Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ve Know How To Make You Schtay On Schedule

This new schedule is working so good.

Computer: every day except Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Makes it easier for the solar panel and battery to provide more of the power for the laptop.

Tuesday: Other art-related stuff.
Thursday: All that household crap that piles up.
Sunday: Day off. PERIOD.

4:00 pm: ALL activities stop except for art and writing. Unless I've got a reporting deadline, and those go fast.

Last night, I tore through 12 pages of roughs, giggling to myself. Leutnant Winzig has proven to have an activist bone. But it's not GAY rights he's fighting for; talk about whose ox is being gored. Neither he nor Erwin Rommel get Pfirsich -- who they of course don't know any more. It is driving Pfirsich crazy no longer being able to refer to anything he knows about them -- or that they should know about him.

He just found out what exactly he's supposed to being doing with Winzig and he's called a full strike. One more chance to draw the Barr Girls -- and their costumes.

The Barr writing method: lock the characters together into small spaces and occasionally throw in things for them to fight over. Oh, yeah, I'm a real hard worker, I am.


pataphysician said...

Oh, man, Kjars' newfound activism doesn't have anything to do with that post on Wolf Food a few days back . . . does it?

Donna Barr said...

I dunno. I post a lot of stuff at Which post do you mean? Sometimes I start writing stuff on THIS blog and it ends up so political or societal I have to copy it and use it over there instead.

pataphysician said...

Sorry, that was "please god take my neighbors goat!"; the one about the men's rights movie.

Donna Barr said...

Nope. It's actually pretty obvious.