Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will Eisner -- Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative

Denis Kitchen of Kitchen Sink Books always thinks of me when he's been producing handsome new books.

One of the handsomest he's been behind lately is "Will Eisner -- Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative."

It's a big, handsome, chunky thing, 8" x 10" and about an inch thick, with a matte two-color-style cover (dark red and black on a deep red background).

Eisner did a lot of anatomical drawings, including some beautiful, lively skeletons. Kitchen worked with W.W. Norton & Company to use pages from Eisner's stories to illustrate posing the human body, and expressing human emotions.

Christmas is coming....

$22.95 ISBN/EAN: 978-0-393-33128-8

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