Thursday, December 11, 2008

IndieBound Links Fixed!

Abracadabra, now all the links at the Little Store work!

I'd used my affiliate ID, but it was new, so it was probably getting into the system. My bad for working faster than computers (and who hasn't locked up a system by doing THAT?).

I just found out that Indiebound is just a marketing campaign with the American Booksellers Association, promoting publishers who pay them.

I told them that Bowker -- the people who make the ISBN numbers -- weren't a publisher or printer. The guy I got the email from said Bowker doesn't dropship. Well, d'uh. They just make the books trackable all over the planet. They're the ones you go to so you can list with the Copyright office.

Anyway, if you're a reader, PLEASE consider using your independent bookstore to help you get my books. I know it's an extra step, but don't we all enjoy the delightful clutter where we can dig and discover? The muffins and fancy bookmarks, the strange stairways and cats on the stacks?

Try the Indie Bookstore links now. If they say the books aren't listed, you know better. A truly good indie bookstore will get it for you.

And if they can't -- well, there's me, and there's Amazon.

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