Monday, March 2, 2009

The Great German Word Hunt

Hi, Mad Readers of Mine!

Dave Baxter, of Worst Writer and Kill The Grizzly is doing neat little prompt buttons for my WHOLE NEW Peach-based website (other books will come later, okay? We don't want to scare the new readers with the ENTIRE Midnight Library. It's like building a fire -- little bites first).

He had this cool idea - when you hover the pointer over a prompt button, it reads as the German word.

Now we all know how rich (and slightly warped) German idiom can be. I suspected the Germans were using English words, as the German Lush site.

But... you know we're always going to do something -- ahem -- "original" (with all that implies in English idiom). You native German speakers -- putting your heads into the era in which the Peach lived -- what word do you think the Peach would have used to say "Home," "contact," "register" on a webite? Perhaps even a military-flavored word? Get out your historical thinking cap and put your tongue FIRMLY in your cheek. And have fun! Driving very proper German professors out of their minds encouraged. Dialect encouraged! Private jokes encouraged!

The words we need so far are: About, Archive, Contact, Forum, Store, First, Home, Last, Home, Next, Previous, Subscription.

Dave, I'd like to give credit to anybody who helps out on this or whose word gets used. Maybe when the button opens up, we can add, "Vielen Dank to:!"

And I'll send those who get in a sketch of Udo using their word.

(And if you call me ANAL, Dave, them's a compliment to us Germans! And all the Freudian connotations THAT has). ;))

This is also part of a Facebook Comicon Event , which lists the deadlines.


Black Pete said...

Home= Verucktehaus (Umlaut auf 'u')
Next= Nachst (umlaut auf 'a')
Previous= Befor
Archive= Archiv
Store= Alles kaufen, bitte!
Last= leszt
Contact = Wortenschmeisen (ein joke, nicht wahr?; mit Umlaut auf 'o')
About= Das Weltschmerz bei Uns (mehr Joke)

Donna Barr said...

Thanks, Pete! You came in a bit too late, but your suggestions are great!

Check out the results of the hunt by hitting the prompt buttons at And leave your suggestions, too!

Black Pete said...

Yes, I realized afterward, but decided to leave them up, anyway. I've lately written two spy thrillers with Nazis in them, so I've had some German practice in the bargain (and Finnish, Ojibway--long story).