Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poor Clueless Pimples

"Oh, come on, my fellow authors/artists.  Haven't we all met the trembling fan-boy at the conventions who has a picture of our art or a photo of Betty Page in the alltogether and acts like he pooped it out of his own butt?  Or the quivering fan-girl who pretends to be us at trade shows -- or even goes into bookstores to sign our books?  Hey, we used to call them Trekies.  Give these poor, talentless, uncreative people a break.  They can't make it themselves.  Most of them never got near an art class because our schools don't provide them any more; they've been harnessed mind and soul to work on factory lines or punch out code.  The best they can do themselves is make bath bombs or Martha Stewart Halloween potpourris.  Poor things. have some sympathy; what else have they got?"


Anonymous said...

**growl** I'll give them a lovely present of reality in a form of a brick upside the head if they ever plagiarize my poor, amateurish fiction. It may not be much but it's mine.

Donna Barr said...

I'm not worried about anybody stealing mine; they couldn't work out the concepts or the attitude. The so-called "uncreative" (read: told by parents "drawing is for sissies") hate us because they've been too timid, lazy or preoccupied to take the thousands of hours to develop their gifts (which we all have) as a discipline. They're lazy, and they hate us because we aren't.