Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Educating Hunters, One Brain Cell At A Time

Just sent this to President Walter "Bud" Pidgeon, Jr., head of the USSA

You can contact him too, with YOUR favorite comics sites!  At:

"Hi, Bud! Hi folks!

Just read about the action of the USSA at: Ellen Degeneres

Since you are being introduced to comic books, I thought you'd enjoy my long-running comic book series: The Desert Peach

Here's another one I heartily recommend: The Virgin Project.

And we can't leave out: Cuckoo.

Or the smashing: Colin Upton's World

And we can't leave out a WORLD of fun comics: Prism Comics

Welcome to wonderful world of comic books! It's more books, more kinds of books -- and more people worldwide -- than you can imagine. I recommend you look at all these sites. And imagine how many more there are.

Donna Barr
Regular ASPCA contributor"

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