Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vincent - Missing Ten Years

It's time for the yearly "have you seen this cat?" notice. 
Yes, I know, cats have been found after 14 years because they were microchipped, but Vincent wasn't.  But now we have Facebook.
A cat psychic doing a reading at the time said someone stole him and that he died trying to get back.

Update:  The following psychic reading December 9, 2010, by Animal Communicator Hilary Renaissance

"He saw a woman with her hair in a bun or ponytail who was carrying groceries in a bag into a 'medium-colored' (brown/green/even light red) building."

"It was within three homes of yours (in Bremerton). Then he saw something near the building. He saw some milky-colored cat food and he ate some."

"He became sick, and felt like hiding. He went into some bushes, somewhere between your home and bushes. There was a recessed area, or alcove under a deck or a porch, or even under a foundation. The bushes had a slight arch. The leaves were like plumes, and slightly arched. Possibly ferns?"

"He was in and out of consciousness. He didn't physically travel, but cats can associate travel with bad things. He didn't go anywhere physically. Then he crossed over."

"He says he feels like a star. You made him feel like a star. You can stay in communication by doing something good. Plant a tree, write a poem for him. Making him a cat bed would be an excellent idea."

Homeopathy (prescribed for grief): St. Ignatius Bean. Take 1 drop ever 15 minutes for an hour, then twice a day for 60 days to help make the grief flow out. Drop one pellet in a gallon jar, put in pet's water, refresh daily.

Immediately upon hanging up the phone, I put out a folding chair, and an afghan I'd crocheted, that he'd known and slept on.  Fearless -- whom he'd known and slept with -- and Kiki, whom he didn't, got into a squabble over the chair.  Then Fearless came back and snuggled down in the chair.

The weird thing is, for months afterwards, I kept wandering near that house, feeling something pulling me.  I have no doubt the body was removed.  Other cats disappeared in that neighborhood, too. Now I know why we hope there's a Hell.  I'd look for a homeopathic medicine for grudges, but when we're part Irish, those don't do any good.

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