Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Price Up And At 'Em

Price gobbling up canned catfood and chicken fat.  Oh, how thin!
Now we've eaten, time for Nips!
The boy gets fed every hour on the hour, with anything high calorie, although he wants the canned food with all the added vitamins, minerals, and Taurine.  Fish, chicken, milk, mayonnaise, whatever he'll eat - doesn't matter.  He doesn't get any of the shellfish, in this case mussels, because healthy humans handle those better than sick kitties.

Twice a day, Dan puts on heavy leather gloves, and I wash his belly down with a solution of nettles, dill and catnip, then apply antibiotic ointment.  He gets antibiotics for his gut resection three times a day.

We should all hope we get treated like this when we're sick.
Looking up Chinese herbs for helping with the other tiny tumors that were found in the ultrasound.  Price had a low-level facial tumor removed about 3 years ago.  He was found in a parking lot in 1998, as a half-grown boy.  And we're living in Clallam Bay -- an industrial forestry area.  We might as well be living with pulp mills.


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Poor boy. Try a hot water bottle under a blanket for pets -much safer.

Tinstaafl55 said...

Cool Thanks for sharing the good news!!

Leanne Franson said...

So glad he's eating.
My Asterix was down way thinner than that (thyroid problems) but is back up to being fat and happy for over a year now. May Price do the same!

Donna Barr said...

Thanks, folks. I have an herbal salve I bought up the Hoko-Ozette road from a guy who, if he EVER publishes his wild herbs and foods book, will be a CLASSIC.

Anonymous said...

Nothin' like a cocktail after dinner to help the digestion!

Anonymous said...

Cats are amazingly tough creatures, bless 'em. Here's hoping your little guy pulls through and keeps on going for many more healthy years.

I hadn't realized they could singe themselves on the heating pads. Zachias likes to fall asleep on "his" pad, though it's usually (not always) turned off. We'll have to be more careful in future. Thanks.

rothschild said...

I am SO glad he's okay. When I read your post about the heating pad mishap, I could have banged my head against the desk. The stuff they put us through! Well, he didn't know, poor thing, and of course they shaved his stomach too, so he was without his usual protection. I'm really glad that the crisis is over!

Donna Barr said...

Oh, God, of COURSE -- that's the reason the heat go through and never did it before: he'd been shaved! We're starting to have some hope (I believe all the good thoughts from you all are helping -- I believe in Love-Voodoo).