Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Price and Leo - by request (and pizza)

A friend wanted to see a picture of our Leo, who can muscle his way out of the door and nearly knock you over before you can get the door closed.  He'd eat a postman for breakfast -- if he wasn't so nice, and if we had postmen.

Left:  Price, Leo, Shadow, on our bed.

Woodstove pizza.  Just a little partly-wholewheat crust, tomato paste with oregano, green peppers, garlic-basil olive oil, black pepper, and a scattering of Monterey Jack cheese.  Pretty much your original peasant version, a little bit of ingredients stretched to seem like more.  Which is where all the good stuff comes from, including onion soup and pancakes.


Anonymous said...

Good lord, what a whopper.

gusDon said...

The cat was very funny? But I also see the pizza, I like it! I also write about food, just a bit difficult because I do not know about the seasoning...

Indeed, many kinds of delicious food! Interesting!