Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Seattle Waterfront Sculpture Park

Park full of straining municipal art; limited, mechanical, sterile.  Then, over the railing, unplanned: did anybody drown?

Seedless city -- native plantings; berries for the un-humaned future?

Waterfront park, lounging apes too lazy to pick up the garbage.  Cleaned between me and a Texan who is on her shoreless city's environmental council:  it's OURs, now.

Giant ship sculptures, rusting through a wedding.

Child hands, in dust on rust.

Adult hands -- fearless wanderer leaving the group?
The last photo is actually of my hand-prints.  No, you're not supposed to touch the art, and on most pieces, nobody did.  But everyone was so driven to imprint hands and feet on these particular sculptures, it triggered a recording to "Please not touch the art." I began to wonder if, at least for this one sculpture, the inability to resist rebellion, despite the electronic warning, was part of a live-action participation piece.


Glenn said...

During a picnic interval with my daughter between checking our crab pots I picked up the broken beer bottles and scorched aluminum beer cans from Rat Island Saturday. Does Rat Island belong to us now?


Mate of the Peapod

Marrowstone Island

Donna Barr said...

Yes. Yes, it does. Well, you're the Steward now, right?