Monday, March 12, 2012

Emerald City and Norwescon

Don't usually go to a lot of conventions any more, at least in person, but gonna be at both this year, because they're only a week apart (thank you to the lovely Roberta Gregory and charismatic Bruce Taylor for letting me stay on their comfy couch again in the week between).

Emerald City Comicon : I'll be in the Prism Comics booth, mostly, as author (artist/writer) pushing my books AND playing booth monkey.

Norwescon :  On five panels for this one, and probably attending a bunch to entertain myself and pick up tips and stuff.

In between:  SEATTLE!  Shopping, making contacts, whatever. I seldom get back to my favorite city in the world, so now's the time to hook up, although the events above will probably cover it.  

Oh, and I have Clallam Bay Sea Salt and bath salts made with same.  Remember to ask me if you want any.

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