Monday, July 23, 2012

Photosynthesis Festival

Just spent a couple days at Photosynthesis 5. 
Photosynthesis 5 starts another morning with stretches in the Hobuck Campground in Neah Bay.
My cut line for the local paper: "This popular techno-music festival returned for a second year, offering long nights of music, light shows, bonfires, massage and healing tea ceremonies. Local and traveling vendors find eager daytime customers for food sales, costuming materials and jewelry."

Not so much on paper items. But everybody was into the idea of the Clallam Bay Comicon, and that the Photosynthesis folks would be welcome at it. Only one guy was awake enough to show up at my lecture - the dancing runs until 4:30 am, and the lecture was at 11:00 am, which is first-splintery-light-of-day wake-up time for these folks. But my audience of one paid deep attention and asked a lot of questions. I think he's going to use the "Cheap and Easy" model for a gardening-garage sale-comicon for starters in his yard. Baby steps is the way to go.

Raining most of the time, of course. Got soaking wet in a badly-built tent put up by the folks from the local gallery. I think Kevin in the big tea alcove saved my life in the cozy warm tent, with all that hot, comforting tea. The big bonfire over by the dance-hall didn't hurt, either. The laser lights extended their effects out into the smoke and mizzle.

After working so hard on other trade shows and especially the comicon, I think I might just - gasp! - reward myself with the Photosynthesis Festival from now on. Just going to a show to goof off and have fun (oh, okay, and to shove ideas).

What a concept!

Oh noes!  Another picture of me in the Ka-Blam tshirt!  But every time I wear it, I get another $10.00 for printing new books.

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