Monday, October 7, 2013

Bad Seattle! BAAAAD!

Men are so lazy....
Leaf blowers. Lawn mowers. Edgers. Rowr rowr rowr rowr, hour after hour, no matter where we go, while their clueless macho users bitch and whine about how expensive fossil fuels are (wah wah wah).

There's ONE thing the Ghosts (the future Dead People and their dead DNA) hate more than anything in the whole world: being made fun of. You know how girls get the hit with slut-shaming? Well, this is slug-shaming.

In Seattle, in a nice little apartment-complex area, the entire place was assaulted with the sounds of these asshat things.

First of all, thanks to Roberta Gregory for this site on the health hazards of leaf blowers.

So here's the pretty picture and suggestion for going after the noise pollution. Anybody looked into all these shootings and asked if enough noise drove anybody over the edge? We know it does in the rest of the animal kingdom. And we're no different.

Get a fucking broom - STUPID.

And don't bitch about not having an edger. If I can sit on the edges of my yard for a few hours in late August, and edge everything by just ripping, so can you, Mr. Thinks-He's-So-Tough (oh, and can we SAY passive-aggressive with your little machine, you dorkwad?). And then, since you used an electric or push mower, you can use the CLEAN grass hay for your own animals, chickens - or even offer it at farmer's markets for sale!

That's right. Instead of losing money on your yard, you'll be making it.

The Ghosts are also the Greeds. They cannot resist cash. Here's how they can get some. And shut the fuck up.

(And my fellow rural types - yeah, I was raised hick - that don't let you off the hook. Plenty of rural people in cities, now, and even if we've moved back we're calling our own on the arrogance, stupidity, pride in ignorance, cruelty, rank cowardice, narrow-minded industrial greed, short-sightedness, whining when you've been told That's Not A Toy! and fear of wildlife. It's 2013 - get with the program and grow up.)

For you Libertaripoops, Goethe said, "Control yourself or be controlled." New York went there before we did, with Noise Ordinances.

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