Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cartoonists and a Play Meeting

Grey Cat! Best snuggles ever.
Ah, fun in Seattle - and Renton! Went to the Cartoonists Northwest Mad Hatter Party, even scored a sparkly-banded fedora, which I shall probably be wearing at conventions.

Roo Butt!
Thank you, Noel Franklin and Roberta Gregory, for arranging to put  me up for the weekend. And Shawn Connor, Noel's boyfriend, who provided space in his grandparents' 1916 house on Phinney Ridge, and Bruce Taylor, who owns a lovely condo on Yesler Way.

And Grey Cat for cat snuggles all night. And Roo for keeping a tired stomach warm.

Noel is the accountant for the Desert Peach Musical concert revival. She and I and T. Brian Wagner, who is one of the original writers on the play, had a very productive meeting Monday, at CCAttle's on Capitol Hill, hashing out some details about accounting, funding, contracts, copyrights - you know, the usual nuts and bolts. Everybody seems pretty confident and happy that this thing is very possible, now.

Roberta Gregory and I ran around Seattle, of course - a must for when I'm in town! I wish I could come in more often - I had promised every month - but I'm afraid that, with travel, illness, recovery and catch-up, it's going to have to be once very quarter. But this site will always have details at the top of the page for when I'll be peeping out of our place on the beach.
Yori at Pike's Place Fish Market.

Of course, had to hit my homeland - the Pike's Place Market  - while I was there. Here are a few of the fun people I spoke to while there.
Mike's Peppourre, offering their new beer hot pepper sauce! 

While I was working as a vendor at the market in the '80's, I walked past Mike's Pepporri. I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, an older First Nations woman, wearing a basket hat, selling baskets, right in the outer doorway. 

"Huh," I thought. "Doesn't have to have a booth or a slab? Must be really grandfathered in." 

Jonny Hahn - on the piano in the rain.
Of course, nobody is allowed to just sit and sell at the market, especially a full display like that. It wasn't until later that I remembered that Chief Sealth's daughter originally sold baskets in the area - and that one never recognizes her at the time, and only realizes later. Oh....

Here's one of the street musicians in the market, name of Jonny Hahn. Any man who can drag a piano out every day, in the rain, AND be a leftie activist - hey, I'm putting money in the hat. And yes, I posted his information, so you can buy CD's. He's good!

Oh, it's worth it.
And thanks to Denny Eichhorn and Jane Rebelowski, for allowing me to leave Altima Thule in their driveway over the weekend. These travel plans get a bit complicated. I'm going to try to use the State transport systems more in the future. Organizing now for an Orca card (Washington State epurse card) and I've already got my Car2go card. 

Roberta and I were going to use a Car2go ofter the meeting, but she'd had a beer and I'd had a very nice gin Collins, and one doesn't drive a Car2go in that state, thank you. The next time we thought to use one, when properly sober, it was reserved. No matter. I have my card, we shall drive the tiny blue-and-white chariot yet!

Okay, except for updating my cell phone situation, I'm closer to getting back to drawing pages for Afterdead. 

And Jim, the cat we're teaching to walk on a leash, has decided to sleep in the chicken coop today, the big one, not the little tractor the hens are in. So I should check and see if he's over his nap, yet.

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