Friday, October 4, 2013

Hallowe'en in Seattle? Maybe?

Am seriously thinking of going to Seattle for Hallowe'en - haven't seen the Sisters in years, or BUMP ever, or a Big City during my favorite holiday for ages. Damnit, I'm due one. 

I'm WAS going to experiment with buses. But now I know I can do it - and I always save so much money on bulk items for food and the house that I end up making a profit, 'way over the gasoline. So I'll have a car at LEAST up to Bremerton, and then can do public transport and Car2go in Seattle. I can stay longer an visit with people if anybody wants me to.

I'll be driving in the 31st, and I have a room Hallowe'en night at the Green Tortoise Seattle hostel. 8-girl room; but I've lived in barracks, and am kinda looking forward to it.

SOOOO.... anybody got a couch? Anybody want comics or art? Or there other events you're part of I should be at? And - I CANNOT PROMISE. I'm just setting this up ahead of time, because snowing in on people at the last minutes is crap. We could do that when we were kids, but now we need some lead time. There are sick people, and schedules and even poking into a couch and staying most of the day out of the house when there's been no warning is hard on aging system. For everybody. I mean, I may be a hobo at heart, but that doesn't mean everybody else is (come to think of it, unless it's an emergency, I'm not real will about the sudden visit, either. Dan certainly isn't).

Whether or not I actually arrive depends on HEALTH. If all I can do is sit huddled by the woodstove watching "Arsenic and Old Lace" and handing out candy while wearing my sequin fedora (thank you, Maureen of Cartoonists Northwest), I might have to. But just in case.... I would really love to do Hallowe'en in Seattle.

Note: I did attend the party in Seattle - and another one. Will be posting soon!

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