Monday, April 13, 2015

Book about Bison - and Other Things

Bison sketch
Been thinking about this concept for a while. Here's the first rough sketch, marker noodling and first watercolor wash:

It's obviously the Paleolithic New World bison. There's a reason for that.

It's always complicated getting a project started. Children's Book? I don't think it's a comic book.

I know people say it looks like I don't even pencil before I draw, but there's a lot of background research before I get into a book, and I can move forward quickly.
Watercolor bison

Here's a more completed watercolor with marker detail:

I'll probably do a digital version, too.

There are a bunch of stories with a specific theme, with different animals and people. Don't quite know if I'm going to stick to one style - or fool with several. These days, there's so much artistic freedom, anything can happen.


ManyTotems said...

As a kid's story with those poor, hapless wolfies of yours who are always in trouble, it would be great. Having them klutz their way through an attempt to bring down a paleolithic bison and finally settle for something smaller would be great. I love when they come up against Stinz, poor babies, so a buffalo should give them fits. Sounds like fun.

Donna Barr said...

I agree, the wolves would be a lot of fun. There WILL be wolves - later - in this story (essay?), but not the way I think anybody expects. Something I saw a while ago woke up a concept in my brain. I think you will indeed think this will be fun.