Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hallowe'en Party and Haunted House, 2016

Witch and bones, actual Hallowe'en
Hallowe'en and the Haunted House, in Clallam Bay. A party on wheels.

Started down at the Three Sisters of Clallam, listening to "Therapy Session," a local deep country band. No Nashville, here. The band was a mix of Viking/Kitten costumes. No Led Zeppelin, but good tunes.

Zombie clown and John Lennon

The Sisters and their family wore a clown theme. My formal zombie clown outfit fit right in.

As usual, there was a great potluck. It's all about food and music up here.

And then - the Haunted House! Put on by Hessmart, the little store-deli-coffee shop-liquor store. In the empty space next to their store. Yes, it's the Haunted Strip Mall.

Hallowe'en Feast
Me and John Lennon went together first, to test it out. And came back with tales of getting practically the piss scared out of us. The halls were long and frightening, twisting on forever, and peopled by figures who knew how to fake and follow. I was screaming and giggling, John engaging.

We ran back to the party to encourage/recruit/entrap other victims!

Then Dressy Dog - who had never been to a haunted house in her life, and was terribly afraid to - teamed up with other partiers Queen of Hearts and MaskMan, with Zombie Clown holding her hand, and went back.

Dressy Dog did great! She got scared silly, and said she felt happy when she was most scared. She was a very brave little dog! I'm using their costume names, of course.
Hallowe'en Home

And then John Lennon, who'd waited outside, scared us all again.

We headed back to the party, and more music and food. Favorite dish: Pink Lady. Basically, strawberries and Cool Whip, whipped up together. 

What fun! The Girls put on a great show every year.

And I wish the guy who played John Lennon would just stay in character all year. 

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