Sunday, October 2, 2016

Olympic Collectibles Expo 2016

$10 Ka-Blam printing credit!

Got up at 5:00 am, drive 3 (4?) hours to get to Silverdale, Washington, for the Olympic Collectible Expo 2016, ALMOST late. Still managed to get "Hader and the Colonel" into the raffle auction, and made a new fan happy When I drew in it for him.

You will note the room behind me, as I pose for my Ka-Blam t-shirt shot (to get $10 printing credit from the BEST floppy-comic POD company). 

A LOT of people for such a little show. They worked their butts off promoting this and put it in a very nice venue. While keeping the prices down.

Pretty lively room at Olympic Collectible Expo
This was a hot, lively little con. It wasn't like a mini-ShortRun, although it had some great food trucks (Taco Nation rules!). No, no tacos, but excellent dogs and pulled pork. 

Because I didn't expect so much floor action, I didn't bring enough Clallam Bay Comicon stickers/badge/souvenirs for everybody, but made sure each group got them. I made new readers out of superhero folk and met some old friends and launched some new comics authors (I HOPE!).

Some cool co-splayers, VERY cool new geek fashions, and just a lot of smart, happy people of all ages, in a fan world nobody forces us into. I enjoyed a lot. It's mostly just superheroes and a bit of space genres, but there's no reason those of us in other genres - or folks like me, with NO genres - shouldn't swell the ranks. I felt totally welcome.

I predict that, if this convention doesn't compete with Emerald City, it's still going to grow and - and - maybe branch out to Port Angeles, or inspire a con there and then I'd only have to drive an hour and a half to get to a very cool con!

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