Sunday, November 20, 2016

Emerald City 2017 - ONE DAY ONLY

Emerald City Comicon is HUGE. And at a show as big as that, we artist alley types just get locked into place and end up being swallowed up in the show.
Bringing the boys

So - this year, Roberta Gregory and myself are only attending - as regular walking badge-ees - on Friday, March the 4th. We won't be together all the time - we're not joined at the hip! - but watch for her as well as me that day. 

We have no specific plans, except to see as many colleagues and friends and just cool stuff - and panels! - on the floor in one day as we can. 

So at the end of the day, we'll be tired. I know I'd like a cup of tea and Roberta will probably be up for one, too. 

And - there are more small comics events going on outside Emerald City that year. Please let me know - contact links on this page - about any cool stuff any time that weekend. Prism Comics usually has a party, and last year there was a small artist-alley-type show downtown, that was an incredible lot of fun, full of the upcoming artists and their work.

Am I treating Emerald City like I used to treat sci-fi shows? Maybe, yes! But I'm bringing a lot more business cards.

See you in 2017! Ships in the night, stars and cargo.

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