Monday, November 7, 2016

ShortRun Seattle 2016

ShortRun Seattle audience hard at play

Best show yet from the all-woman team! Note the photo - only partial - of the herd of amazing artists, writers, all-creatives, pin-and-tschotzke-makers. The tables - even those crammed together, four artists to the space - practically sparkled with color, innovation and just plain fun.

I barely had time to zip around the floor passing out souvenir/badge-sticker/business cards for the 2017 Clallam Bay Comicon. 

I wish I'd had time to attend the drawing and animation events, some of them no more than a table and some floor and window space, but chock-full of action, joy and creativity. You notice I'm not using the word "talent," as though creativity is some easy magic spell. Creatives have to work to get where they're going, even if the power of that work is obsession.
My Resting Bitch face

Now for a work photo. Me wearing my Ka-Blam t-shirt. Because when I do that, and post it, I get another $10 printing money! I might use the war chest I've built up with this excellent company to put together a smaller, SECOND Afterdead collection until I get some more pages done. 

Now some photos of good friends and long-time colleagues. One of our new young compatriots said she was excited to be sitting next to the old-guard bad-asses. So let me show you some of the baddest! 

Here's Roberta Gregory and Dave Lasky, setting up, and revving up for this powerful one-day show.
Roberta Gregory - Dave Lasky

And here's Dave, as superhero as it gets on a floor full of originals and single creators.

I didn't get a shot of Linda Medley, who spent a lot of time at Roberta's table, next to me. :( 

I had copies of the new Afterdead Full-Color collection, volume one. Wesely and Ash, here, bought up pounds of collections including The Desert Peach, Stinz and the Afterdead collection. I'd like to thank Square-Up and their offline mode for making everybody's credit cards work without having to find working bandwidth!

Super Dave!
Weseley and Ash weren't the only people wearing great outfits. Everybody had stepped it up, wearing their best Seattle rain street fashion. A lot of nice rubber boots and some lovely embroidered hoodies.

Sadly, I missed both the Fantagraphics and ShortRun parties, but that's pretty much because Roberta and Linda and I ended up both nights at Roberta's,  talkinga and sharing stories and eating leftover Hallowe'en cakes, shortbread skulls and drinking blush wine. 
Wesley and Ash - best show customers. 

Considering the long drives and shopping I have to make both ways, and the intensity of ShortRun itself, it was just as well. And a lot of fun!Of course, everybody was well aware of the presidential election, and one girl showed up with a hat I had to get a photo of. You gotta love her wry expression as the Gringette agrees with the sentiment. 
Best political gear

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