Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gabriela Maya's Postcard Project

Gale Etschmaier
Rob Ray
While at the San Diego Comicfest, Mexican artist Gabriela Maya gave me a stack of her beautiful manga postcards.

She requested that I use them to send to friends, and to ask them to send back photos I could share with her.

I only send postcards to a couple of people. Neither of them has an email account, nor digital cameras. So it becomes difficult to finish the project with postcard people.

So I decided to send the photos to Special Collections at the San Diego State Love Library. I asked Pam Jackson at SDSU to give me a hand collecting photos, and she came through like a trooper! 

First up, we have SDSU Library Dean Gale Etschmaier.

Angela Risi
Anna Culbertson
Then Rob Ray, Head of Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA). I've corresponded with Rob for a long time, and he's been very busy making sure wonderful things happen with my collection for the school, the students and all my readers.

Next is Angela Risi, SCUA Foundation Employee.

Then Anna Culbertson, Assistant Head of Special Collections and University

Then Wil Weston, Head of Collections

Wil Weston
Pam Jackson
And finally Pam Jackson herself, and her own wonderful title, Special Collections Librarian.

But I have five postcards left. I should think about who to send these to. 

My only problem is, I have too many friends!!

Moan and La Groan.

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