Thursday, November 15, 2018

Clallam Bay Comicon Now RainCon Afterparty

The Clallam Bay Comicon is morphing into what will be even more like a party. Here comes the Clallam Bay RainCon Afterparty! 

RainCon 2 is coming! In June, 2019 - Bigger and better than ever 

Right now the website needs updating, but you can join in at the Facebook page, Fans of RainCon. If you don't use Facebook, contact me at donnabarr01 at gmail dot com, and I'll hook you up with Evan Sveum, in Forks, who runs RainCon.

Unlike the Clallam Bay Comicon - which I never tried to promote as anything but an attempt to get what I love about comics onto the Olympic Peninsula - RainCon is a fully-expandable professional comics/entertainment convention. I've always promoted comicons as job fairs, and the locals are getting it. And yes, we can thank Twilight for turning around their ideas of what entertainment and city folk are all about. They want MORE.

The Clallam Bay Comicon will continue as the RainCon Afterparty. Those who usually come to Clallam Bay should know you are very welcome by this community, in all ways, and if you want to show up July 13, 2019, to enjoy Fun Days, followed by an evening party and fireworks, please do join us. 

The party will be Fun Days itself, The Fish-and-Chips bash at the Clallam Bay Inn Saturday night, and the fireworks to follow. Basically, drive up here Saturday, stay the night, and head home Sunday. The place you want to stay is the Winter-Summer Inn; it's still the place to stay. Owner Sandy Tsiang says she's happy if we want to use the Inn as party and hang-out central. She knows and likes the comics folks. The Inn is a beautiful place to entertain. 

BUT - if you need to make a choice, and you want to have a table for what promises to be a more accessible convention with the chance to build a growing sales potential, then choose RainCon. I'd love to see you at both, but travel money and time is tight in this biz. 

RainCon will be supporting rooms for a limited number of professional guests! So if you want to see a special guest on the Olympic Peninsula, contact them, and assist. Shoot as high as you want - you never know what entertainment star would love to see this beautiful part of the world. I've already contacted many of my colleagues. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

ShortRun 2018

First of all thanks to the ShortRun staff. Their on-floor map included a tribute photo to dear Mark Campos, whom we lost under such tragic circumstances this year.  
They know what they're doing, and this just gets better and better every year.
Wearing my Ka-Blam tshirt for my $10 printing bonus!
Best POD company going for floppies, especially.

Secondly, thanks to The Stranger for advising the attendees to bring CASH and loads of it. The books and other goodies FLEW off the tables.

Yes, we all have Square, and yes, it works offline, but comics is comics - and you know what we run on. We'll bring a wad of Washingtons if you'll bring a wad of Jeffersons, and we'll swap.

Valerie Niemeyer
Valierie Niemeyer made a great show pal. She and her mom were so much fun and so full of energy. Her mom came with snacks! And Valerie's work is lovely. Especially her skeleton unicorn, just right with Halloween and Day of the Dead just behind us.

What can I say? ShortRun is one of the best comics conventions anywhere. It's small - crammed into the Seattle Center Flag Pavilion - and more and more of us are buying a quarter table, just to get some space.
Look at that floor!

The show when it was just getting started.
The Fantagraphics Store party was great, as always, thanks to Larry. Even better. Carol Tyler was there to celebrate her new book about growing up with the Beatles - and led a singalong that reminded us just we all knew just where to say "OOOOH" and go up the scales.

Missed the Vera party - but am going to schedule my trip better next year, so I'm up for it, instead of falling apart.

This show is too good.

I can't guarantee I'll get a table space next year, but signs are good.