Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 RainCon - A Great First Show

What a great first convention! Forks, Washington, is definitely on the comicon circuit now. Evan Sveum of Home Slice Pizza and Comics - how fitting - did a wonderful job on his new RainCon.

As usual, I have my posting of me wearing my Ka-Blam Tshirt, with my very first RainCon customer. If you need quality Print-On-Demand that will let retailers buy at nearly-'80's prices, it's the place to go. And readers can do the same at their store front at Indyplanet.

And here are many more Raincon photos!

Fascinating Archeology lecture.
I wanted to listen to the lecture, but there were so many interested people I had to pay attention to, at my table. Friday was definitely rocking.

Yummy Italian sodas.
The Italian sodas were on sale at the table to raise funds for the LaPush Hallowe'en haunted house. The milk in the sodas came in handy for a calcium boost, and they added sugar-free options.

I've heard the haunted house is in its third year, and will scare the teeth out of your head. The monsters practice all year - and are very professional. No, I don't want to go. No, I will not miss it. I hate and love haunted houses dearly. 

All sorts of gaming going on - and the full-on tournaments started after the nightly movies, and ran until 1:00 am, Friday and Saturday.

I don't game myself, but I used to do gaming illustrations, especially for Steve Jackson, and have some fun stories, including my "Pirates of the Caribbean stole my dialog!" story, involving Steve's Lego Pirates games at a long-ago Miscon. Oddly enough, Alice Ryan, who ran the great Steampunk table, says that was her very first con! Serendipity.

Of course we had cosplay. Did I get good photos of the contest? No, I was helping judge it. Look around Facebook for Raincon photos. Quite the good turnout for a very first convention.
Trek fans!

Friday evening, the movie was Rocketeer, which I missed to head back to Clallam Bay to get some sleep. Since my sleep was choppy, and I had to end up napping in a back storage room on Saturday anyway, I might as well have stayed.

Saturday, the movie was Guardians of the Galaxy. I'd never seen it big screen, and caught the moment when Chris Pratt's ship flew up on a column of water - and ran into the camera lens. Too funny.

Ended up eating too much pizza, including Home Slice Pizza - especially their darn wonderful chicken-and-artichoke - and Mexican ice cream from the shop down the block. 

Ready for midnight gaming.
Helped a scared local kid to come out as a nerd and a furry: "Wear what you want; nobody's going to point or make fun of you." Alice Ryan's steampunk table provided his first pair of ears and tail. By the end of the show, he was running around with his little fake fox tail, perfectly at home. It was great. Welcome to our family.

And everybody else, too - because tables are selling for 2019, already. If you're on the way to the beach, drop in for an hour or so. We'd all love to see you.
Guardians of the Galaxy!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 Privacy Policy


I occasionally send out a BCC email list, asking who wants to be on it. 

Anybody says REMOVE, I remove. 

All these other sites I'm on belong to other organizations, like Blogger and Patreon and GoFundMe and stuff. Blogger's data is ALL ENCRYPTED. So you're covered if you're on this page, cookies and all.

Blogger told me is was, and they seem like good guys.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2018 San Diego Comic Fest

Because most of us are indies! We don't
got no stinking comicsgate.
The Ka-Blam printing T-shirt - a great
company! I get free printing cash
whenever I post a photo of me wearing
it at a show.
Check them out at
You won't be sorry!
Resort Ladies!
Roberta Gregory and me.
Just got back from the San Diego Comic Fest, run by the guys who originally ran the San Diego Comicon. 

It's a dear little pure-comics show, full of indies and undergrounds where I fit best, one-of-a-kind isolated self-owned that I am. 

Roberta and the SDSU sign.
It's held in the old-style bungalow-and-palms-and pools Town and Country Resort. So many old friends were there, too. 

This all started when San Diego State Special Collections wanted to have Roberta Gregory down for a presentation, and to organize their adding her work to her collections, as they already had done with mine. The convention got involved, and it all snowballed - in a good way - from there.

Yetta Howard interviewing Roberta.
This is going to be mostly a photo essay, with captions. I took some photos, but friends - especially Mary Fleener - sent me so many more. 

The resort is done in a cheap-but-pretty Versailles style, mostly white walls, lots of crystal and gold and flowered and blue carpets, loads of pools and a killer whirlpool. 

We had a lot of fun with those mirrors!
Roberta and I being Metta
in the resort mirrors.
Mary Fleener's phto.

Roberta and I in the mirror passageway,
and the dance of the Cartoonists of Infinity.

I was on a couple panels, about women's comics and gender. The usual. Tried to make them both as interesting as possible. I really should be on panels about comics as literature. I'll have to stress that in the future.
Pam Jackson, our contact at SDSU
Special Collections, being silly
with her mom, Sharon.
You done a good job,  mom.

Lady Shadow and me.
7 years corset waist-training. WHOA.
Here's the panel that was filmed, at the Geekery! The Youtube links don't include the latter part of my talk - I think it may have been a bit too NSFW! Well, you know what it's like, living in a society with religious people....

Photo Credit, Mary Fleener: The rest of these are Mary's photos - and not all of them. There were a lot. It was hard choosing the best!
Roberta and Me

Roberta Gregory and all her cool books

I have no idea what I'm doing. I hope it makes
Ka-Blam happy.

Me and Roberta. I've looked better.

The Frankenstein Cafe entrance.

200 years!

Our end of the artists alley! We have the only shelves.

Us again.

Exhibitor's Hall

Scott looking good!

Trina Robbins in the Exhibitor's Hall.

And again.

Batton Lash!

Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada.

Phil Yeh!

Batton and the robot.

Are they having a conversation?