Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Seattle Pride 2015 - the Flaming Torch

Bremerton Ferry, fairies, and allies.
Last week, Lady Liberty was carrying a Flaming torch. 

Of course, there are a lot more pages with great photos from Seattle's 2015 Pride Parade, but here are mine, from my IPod. My selfies were the best ones, so you're stuck with me. I haven't included moments with friends, just a general report. 

I threw myself out of bed at 2:00 am on parade Sunday, and raced four hours and a 1/2-hour walk, all the way to the Bremerton ferry. Which filled up with people in their sparkly best. It was like the WTO and anti-war marches, when Bremerton sent its population over to join in. But this time, there was much more joy, and better costumes.

Dykes on Bikes

The Dykes on Bikes led the way of course - the Women Came First.

Remember when there were about eight of them in the parade, and about two businesses - and both of them bars? And the whole parade took about 20 minutes by Volunteer park? 

More bikes on 4th.

This time, the businesses and city organizations that showed up made it look like a really fun economics summit. Police, firefighters, sheriff's department, T-Mobile, Starbucks, you name it. Everybody was there. Even the handful of Fundy Haters were wearing glitter and holding up fancy signs; they couldn't help themselves.

I cheered and waved for an hour and a half. Then I had to take a break, wandering down to third to grab a bowl of pho at my favorite little Vietnamese-food shop. After a lot of chicken soup, hot peppers and purple basil, I stepped out onto the street to hear that the parade was still going in.

Taking photo of a photographer.
Hoping to catch up with some of the entries I'd missed, I followed the parade to Denny - quite the feat, ducking around happy celebrants, their dogs, and the food booths and beer gardens. At the end of the parade route, I found an open curb and sat down and enjoyed the rest of the parade, for at least another two hours. WOW.

Intent young man behind me.

Favorite moments: the very cute Seattle policewoman in her blues and bill cap, looking quite sexy and so happy she could burst, interacting with a crowd that just wanted to hug her. 

Sheriff's department deputy overjoyed to walk down the street in her uniform with her loved one's hand in hers. 

As for level of shouting, music and general hoo-hah, I couldn't hear a note from the smartly turned-out Seattle Pipe Band. I never thought I'd actually witness that.

Most surpised: saying "Happy Pride" to three cops and finding out I was the first one to say it to them.

Our friends the Sex Workers.
Funniest moment: when the cops, directing vehicles from the end of the parade separate holding area from pedestrians, directed the pony players to prance their cart after the trucks and school bus and fire engines ("It has wheels. It's a vehicle"). 

Most enlightening moment: talking to the sex workers.

Best refreshment: the Episcopal Church's bread and wine at the end of the parade (very nice grape juice and a wonderful chewy, crusty sweet bread).

I'm sick and exhausted and I have a blister between my toes, but I don't care, I was there. Happy Pride!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Color Afterdead and Win Fame and Acclaim (?)

Download and color!
Talking about the coloring-books-for-adults trends over on Facebook. People said we should post pages for coloring. So I'm posting this one, from Afterdead. Download and/or print and color away! 

Then send me a bitty jpeg or link so we can admire. AND CHANGE THE FILE NAME IF YOU SEND IT TO ME. So I don't replace and erase mine by accident. 

Format the name as:
   "Afterdead Coloring book - Your Name.jpg 

I hearby give you permission to use or share your colored version any way you like, so long as you tell me, and add:
     Donna Barr © Actual Year.

The page is about the long-dead Peach, accompanying the extremely-wounded pilot/teaching aide he's care-taking, to visit the pilot's girlfriend, who is GeStaPo - and therefore, of course, a Vampire. Don't ask why the Reich made that a qualification. It's probably on a par with the State law that makes it a crime to keep an elephant in a basement - somebody did something stupid, or something seemed more convenient.

Explanations welcome. I sometimes think my characters talk to my readers more than to me. Are you buying them beer??

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coloring Afterdead

Now coloring the formerly black-and-white pages of Afterdead, on ComicFury. 

One of the gamer-favored moments of the old days when I was first starting out, illustrating Traveler, was a graphic depiction of removing bits of shrapnel from live intestines. 

This panel is the descendant of that illustration. Now in color.

I just realized, seeing it in the small form, that it looks like a map.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shortrun 2015 art

Posted for Shortrun 2015 - we hope! Applying for tables, now. Chose this little IPad piece because it has the light-heartedness and fun style of Shortrun.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Look Away! Nothing Happening Here!

Posted because you'd need a password to see my DeviantArt Account for mature content. Nobody should be confused.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Book about Bison - and Other Things

Bison sketch
Been thinking about this concept for a while. Here's the first rough sketch, marker noodling and first watercolor wash:

It's obviously the Paleolithic New World bison. There's a reason for that.

It's always complicated getting a project started. Children's Book? I don't think it's a comic book.

I know people say it looks like I don't even pencil before I draw, but there's a lot of background research before I get into a book, and I can move forward quickly.
Watercolor bison

Here's a more completed watercolor with marker detail:

I'll probably do a digital version, too.

There are a bunch of stories with a specific theme, with different animals and people. Don't quite know if I'm going to stick to one style - or fool with several. These days, there's so much artistic freedom, anything can happen.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Clallam Bay Comicon Guests

Since I have no admission fee, and tables are only $25, there's not much we can offer "guests."

Roberta Gregory, comics legend.
Since I've been in the biz so long, most of my friends are noted authors. This little convention is attracting fun professionals I wasn't asking to do anything - but being pros, they want to give panels and host sales tables, too! No Rest For The Creative. So here is the first guest for the 2015 Clallam Bay Comicon! At least I can pay them with fireworks and (if we're lucky) my home-smoked salmon.

Roberta Gregory

Last year's Clallam Bay Comicon best seller.
Legendary comic creator Roberta Gregory will attend with a good selection of her decades-long career, including several Bitchy collections, Winging It and everything in between. If you are not familiar with her work, you will find something for almost every taste in comics. Every book you buy gets a drawing by Roberta inside. Featured is True Cat Toons, her comic collection illustrating the true cat stories of ordinary folks and their less-than-ordinary cats, and if you buy a book from her at the CBCC, you will get a color drawing of your own kitty inside. So bring a photo! For more info see truecattoons.com and Robertagregory.com 

Linda Medley - her own best model!
Linda Medley

Creator of "Castle Waiting," Linda is presenting not only a fascinating panel on how to care for your pens - and wait until you see her shiny inking toys - but may just be sharing previews of her latest project! 

She says: "I'm going to bring my big chest o' fountain pens and various supplies and have them at my table;people can come by and try 'em out (I have "demo models" so there's no worries) anytime they want, ask questions, etc. I'll give a talk about inking, a little history of pen'n'ink illustration, the economical and ecological benefits, etc. etc. Also, how about I use one of the drawings done in either your horsey talk or Roberta's catty talk to demo the pens on...?"