Thursday, April 17, 2014

Calling the Cops on Conventions

Just sent this to Emerald City Comicon:

"I don't know if you remember my reporting some fan who was threatening to infringe on me and my table for the Emerald City Comicon convention, but you fine folks said, "Call us and we'll come a-running!" Your "Costumes are not Consent" are a beacon for everyone in our society, not just our community.

As you know, many women and girls in comics and other media cannot post on a forum, write a review or work with men in comics, without being called "bitches," "whores" or threatened with rape. For years, we've all been subject to some level of this abuse, from the mild to the full attack. Nobody listens to us.

Recently, a bunch of fan-boys began to lie about me, in an attempt to frighten and isolate me, as they've done so many other women. Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "No good can come of this."

However, I think it will. Bad things happen to me so I can fix them. If I'm bothered by these people at a convention, I shall simply call 911 and report "assault" - because that's what harassment is. I don't care if it's a dumb fanboy who doesn't know any better, or an industry professional who SHOULD. Enough of this abuse.

And I'm sending a copy of this letter to the Seattle Police Department, and posting it on my blog, 

I doubt this will frighten Emerald City; they might welcome the backup."

And I did send it to the Seattle police, with a comment that I'm not asking for assistance now, but want to head off incidents before they happen. I've requested comments and guidance from the Seattle Police - and the best police know, and are proud, that they are public servants. 

Dumb boys mess with my liveried servants, will they? They want costumes - they can have some REAL ones to deal with.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Emerald City 2014

Ka-Blam adds the right touch, as usual.
Another great Emerald City Comicon. And, as usual, wore my Ka-Blam Tshirt, to show off who printed my lovely reprints of Stinz and the Desert Peach! 

Does it get any better?

Didn't post a lot of photos of Emerald City, because they're all over the interwebs! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hire the Artist - RATES

Donna Barr works in her own style. Please view her art gallery at DeviantArt to choose three pieces you absolutely love, to give her an idea of what you want. Do NOT send her illustrations of other people's work. William Blake is dead, and you'll pay as much as you'd pay an anime artist if you want her to copy that style. No barter, please. And only one person gets Friend Prices - because she's done so much for the artist. Email for further details. Note: once a job has started, this blog posting acts as a contract.

Flat Fee: $80 per hour.

Reading Fee: If the client wishes me to read text and "illustrate my favorite moment," rather than suggesting in detail what the client wants, there is a reading fee. $50 for short stories or long poems. $500 for a novel. I suggest the client ask for a favorite moment, instead. The clearer the client is about what s/he wants and describes, the happier the client will be, and the less it will cost him or her. Yes, bad stick-figure drawings by the client demonstrating what s/he wants are perfectly acceptable.

For single figures and basic backgrounds, in black-and-white line illustrations, ink washes, with white highlights.

       $100 per 8.5 x 11 illustration. 
     $25 per quarter page.
     $15 spot illustrations.

     Color per 8.5 x 11 illustration:

     $250 per page.
       $62.50 per quarter page
     $35.00 for spot illustrations.

Hand-lettering per page: $50, in addition to art.

Comic pages:
     Black-and-white comic-layout pages are $250 apiece.
     Full color comic-layout pages are $350 apiece.

The artist retains copyright if the artist completes both writing and art. If the client is the writer, the copyright belongs to the client.

Payment shall be for 50% up front, to start the illustration. The final 50% must be paid after approval for the art to be delivered, both as hard copy (paper, etc.) and high-resolution scans.

Full book layout for print-on-demand publishing: (not including book-length editorial services): $700. Layout can include upload and publication on any print-on-demand site the client prefers (ie., Lulu, Createspace, etc), as well as distribution programming.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Year of the Horse

The Chinese Man leads the way
This year's film of the Clallam Bay Dragon Dance is too much like last year's. So I'm just posting a couple photos. 

The "Chinese Man" is very odd. Sue Heiny, of the Three Sisters Clallam Art Gallery, wore it last year. She talked a young man into doing it this year. 

It's the usual silliness, and if it hadn't been for Sarah Grafstrom, who posted her Golden Dragon head on Facebook Friday, I wouldn't have gotten myself together in time to make this quick cardboard horse head. 

And bake up some quick 5-Spice Peanut sugar cookies. Yes, I cook with whatever I have in the cupboard. 

Thu, our favorite Vietnamese hairdresser, was in Vietnam this year, so she didn't provide her usual fabulous Vietnamese dishes, but the feast was pretty great.

Music afterwards, with some hard-driving guitar work, and the funniest version of one of the Dylan songs I ever heard (Oh, I can't think of the name). Sarah was, "This song is too long!" so they tempo'd it up to about five times as fast, with a drum-set driving behind them. I laughed so hard.

I can count with my hoof, too.
Met a very nice young man who was also a fan of Jeff Bridges and loved the animated movie, "Surf's Up."  You know how you see so many old farts (like me) hanging only with their own age? I dunno. I love all the new stuff, and this generation of kids and young men and women are just too cool. And fearless and funny. 

See? That brain damage that ruined my memory came in handy; I live in the moment. It's more fun! 

Um... Sarah threatened to choreograph a dance routine with me for the next party. I can't sing or play a musical instrument - and the only one I could hear, the highland war pipes, put blisters on my tongue as I tried to blow up the bag - but Sarah and I are the funniest dancers in town. Those of you who saw me dancing at conventions KNOW that.

Be afraid.

Monday, December 30, 2013

"Afterdead" needs to find a new home.

It looked as though Webcomicsnation, hosting Afterdead, might have finally bitten the dust. Its original creator, Joey Manley, who sold it years ago, and who recently passed away, might have came back and kicked the servers, because it's back up.

In the interim, I've started it up again at Comicfury!

Head over to the first page of the latest episode, "Catching Hell,"and let me know you've dropped in.

Since it's hard to post new stories, rather than episodes, on Webcomicsnation - it's hosted, but doesn't look like much else is done - anything new will have to be at Comicfury. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time Magazine and Silly Animal Articles

First, let's just put up the Times Magazine Cover

There are a lot of comments on this and other articles. I was going to put this cartoon in my snotty activist blog - which is what my home blog has become - but it's a cartoon and it belongs in my Art and Writing blog.  

Cartoons speak for themselves. So here's my comment. I didn't color it or nothing. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Happy Sedna Jesus Santa

First of all, I'm going to be in Seattle For New Year's Eve. So if you have party ideas, let me know! I KNOW I'm going to a Sylvester or Hogmany party on the first. Hogmany is also known in Scotland as "People throwing up in the streets." 

Now for the great art news:

Merry Birthday To Jesus!
Thank you, Caron Cadle, who worked with PanGaia Magazine, and found all the original copies in which "Rental Goddess" appeared. There are a whole bunch more of these, that I'd completely forgotten. Caron rescued a pretty funny story, about adventures with gods and goddesses, in a very reluctant life. 

The original was in black and white, and I've thrown some color in here for a Winter Festival card. Enjoy!

Merry Whatever Rings Your Chimes!