Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make your own Sunturn card

Hi, folks! The annual holiday card. I say "Sunturn" because Dan is such a Sun Pagan he counts the extra minutes every day, whether less before the Solstice, or more afterwards. But you can use it for any holiday that has pretty lights. Which is most of 'em, I think.

Download the jpegs. Print one page each reversed, and then use as a card AND an envelope. It's pretty simple to do. You don't have to worry about which way each side goes; it works no matter how you do it.

Card itself. Just fold it up 1/2-way across the width, then half-way across the length.

Envelope. Reverse the card and fold it the same way.

Apothacarium Swapmeet

It was a nice little show, with a lot of fun people, including Your Mom Comics and Neoglyphic Media. Sales weren't hot, but there was a lot of potential for show growth. Had a lot of fun getting to talk to My Peeps in Our Language.

Neoglyphic Media, obviously!
Easy to get to, with access parking. Admittedly, the only place to eat was a Subway, but their crew was supportive of the show.

The day before, Dan and I had gone down to Port Angeles to see the new movie, "Lincoln." While waiting, we wandered the farmer's market at the bus terminal. Got to talking to the organization that runs farmer's market. At least one of their people was so jazzed by the idea of comics shows locally, she left her table to hunt me up after I'd left it and continue the discussion. 
More and more people out here are realizing it doesn't take an army of minions to run a comics show, and that there are many different ways of doing it.