Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Recent and Upcoming Conventions

Needed to catch up on my posting! Here's me in a Ka-Blam tshirt at Shortrun last year. 

And then me in my Ka-Blam tshirt at Emerald City.

Ka-Blam is the best place for old-style floppy comics, reprinted print-on-demand. The prices are almost the same as they were when we first printed those books, and the quality is superb. Paper is very white, and the inks are very black. Colors are great, too!

Pacific Northwest/Egyptian!
Now here are the table covers I'm going to be using at the Amazing Hawaii Comicon: done by hand with markers. They go both ways, so I can use one or the other depending on which end of the table I'm sharing. 

One of them is done in with Mexican styles in mind, the other with a mix of Northwest native and Egyptian. I think I'll use the Mexican one for Hawaii. 

Photos could be better, but you'll see them at shows.