Sunday, March 20, 2016


For Sammi

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fearless Gets Best Treatment Now

Sammi is the red Norwegian Forest cat in the photo. Fearless is the cat who looks like a Chartreuse. Sammi has Fearless's sitty place, a milk crate and afghan by the stove. 

Fearless is beginning to show pain from something in her side - possibly her possible cancer. I made Sammi get on the couch. He's been getting all the special treatment because he has diabetes. We have to pay more attention to Fearless, now.

LATEST (March 13, 2016): 

Fearless couldn't get to the vet because of storms. 

BUT - it turns out her pain came from - who knows? - falling off a bed or something. She's much better, now. Dingbat.

Because of all the liquid in her lungs in her x-rays earlier in 2016, and some masses, there may be heart complications. Electrocardiogram for her, or tentatively, at least. We have to think about that - the trip to Seattle?

I dunno. Old cats. What do you do with them? Other than schoozle. 'em.