Sunday, December 20, 2015

Krampus's Little Helpers 2016

Because kids really do love Krampus. Happy Holidays - ALL of them - to you all! Because we can't have enough parties.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stinz Volume One Repair Download

First of all, even though I proof these pdfs to death, there's always a page or two that get away from me. In this case, the new Stinz Collection volume 1 has a missing page - page five of "Hair of the Wolf."

So - for those of you who bought Volume 1 of the new Stinz collection, this is what I did for my OWN copy. 

You can't get these un-improved versions, any more, either. I fixed 'em on the Amazon link. I love Print-On-Demand - no more tearing our hair after a huge, expensive print run comes out. When an alert reader emails a correction, we can - correct - it!

Print this jpeg - either on your own printer or your library's - and tip it into the book, either plain or glued. You see this sometime in old books - this is proof it still happens, when a book gets as big and complex as these collections do.

And if I see you at a convention with one of these, you get a color sketch - for free. It's like a coupon.