Thursday, February 4, 2021

I Want To Come Back As One Of My Cats

Jim, Yellow Bear, and 
Teeny Puppy.
Back in 2007, we rescued an abandoned cat. 

His name is Jim.

He was already a full-grown cat when we got him, so in 2021, he's at least 20.

BUT - his weight is good, and he is happy.

True, his pupils don't expand or shrink at the same time or rate, and at night he wanders the house yelling, with a stuffed toy named Yellow Bear in his mouth, all of which signals dementia. Well, I don't know if Yellow Bear is part of that, but he participates.

He has some kind of large mass in his belly - possibly in his spleen or liver - but he's too old to have an operation, and the vet doesn't think she can reach it anyway. 

He eats, he drinks, he poops and pees - and he loves to sleep under his red light by the stove.

We'll just keep him home until he passes away, or until he needs vet assistance to leave.

It's our job to be cheerful and pamper him.

In our house, we have a saying: "I want to come back as one of my cats."

We should all end up so good.