Friday, February 3, 2012

A Tail of Jim

Jim are not happy.
Jim's home!

Yesterday we discovered Jim had scraped an inch-long trench in the end of his tail, possibly even broken it.  We thought he'd gotten his tail caught in the door, but now we're not sure.

Anyway, he's home, with stitches in his tail.  

The vet's assistant, Naomi, said she came THIS close to putting a pink ribbon bow on the tail.  So maybe he'd better think next time.  

Vet bill, of course, so am trolling for commissions.  Nice black and white drawings (including rough and scan) for $30.00, $12.95 shipping, handling and insurance (Within the US and Canada -- a bit higher overseas).  If you want more figures, or color, we can talk; hit the email address (on my profile, here).
Or donate a beer at the Desert Peach site!

Note:  PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST COPYRIGHTED CHARACTERS.  Using other people's or company's characters for money is copyright infringement and THEFT.  I hate to have to say this again, but people still need to learn this is wrong and illegal.  I DO NOT STEAL FROM OTHER ARTISTS.