Friday, August 6, 2010

What will you be doing at Armageddon?

That's the question for the Killing The Grizzly Art Contest.  So get drawing and writing, folks!  It's a chance to not only get a page in a sharp new anthology -- they're actually offering a token payment for publication rights. 

Yeah, yeah, it's only $25.00, but that's better than you get from most people putting together an anthology!  Most of 'em don't even get you a free ad in the book for clients to find you.  Even a little $25.00 is better than ANY other anthology (you know, those clowns with their "we'll offer you two free copies for slaving away all day") -- and these guys are just getting started as a real powerhouse company.  Join in now and be there when they can really offer what your amazing art and writing deserve!