Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because We CAN

Had to leave this letter at Jian Ghomeshi's Q:

Dan Clowes is a great drawn book author ("artist/writer/letterer/colorist/owns copyright,"), and a nice guy to boot.

But here are the dumbest questions he and I and ALL of us drawn book authors are asked by interviewers, with my answers (first heaving huge sigh):

"Did you draw that TOO?" (No, elves on crack did).

"How long did it take you to do a page?" (WTF does this one mean?  My answer: 52 years -- and I've been publishing since 1986.)

"Why do you do comics?"  ("Because I can write and I can draw.")

"Why did you draw it that way?" (Because I CAN)

"Who's your inspiration?" (WTF? Do ALL prose people think we're tracing other artists?  I was inspired by ancient anonymous tomb art, specifically Egyptian, Mayan and Scythian).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start writing smarter, more uncommon questions than this, the ones we all get tormented with.  Interviews are like programming:  GIGO.

Poor least he doesn't get invited to the idiot eternal "Women in Comics" panels. But I would have loved to have heard some really good questions asked him, instead of the SOS we all get tormented with.  I'm about to do a t-shirt, I swear, with those questions on it....