Thursday, August 20, 2015

2016 Clallam Bay Comicon Special Guest

Marko Gets a Puppy
by Anna Gjenero and
Mary Gjenero Bilich (Ampersand, Inc.)
Our Special Guest is Canadian Leanne Franson, classic LGBT minizine author, and successful children's book illustrator. 

Among her many other works, she  illustrated the book "Marko Gets A Puppy" book, which just won a Moon Gold award in the Pets/animals category at the 2015 Moonbeam Children's book Awards.   

She is best known for "Liliane," a series of minicomics (later collected) that outline the everyday life of a nice Bi girl. 

But let's read it in her own able words:

I’m Leanne Franson, children’s illustrator and creator of Liliane Bi-Dyke! I was mostly active in the heyday of DIY photocopied zines, producing 43 minicomics during the 1990s, mostly semi auto-bio tales of liliane, my bi-dyke heroine. I also contributed to countless other zines and books, some of which were collected by Slab-o-Concrete press in the UK in two trade paperbacks. In 2003 I was invited to share a table at APE in San Fran, and wrote the comics for my third trade paperback, and kept up my production momentum afterwards by producing 3 years of daily comics. The archives are at

My production dropped off when I became a single mom by choice, but I continued doing a story a month for Rainbow Rumpus, an online magazine for kids with lgbt parents.

My work has appeared in such places as Gay Comics, Dyke Strippers, Anything That Loves, Action Girl, Real Girl, and several collections by Roz Warren.

I am excited to be the guest cartoonist at the 2016 Clallam Bay Comicon, and would love to share with you my propensity for bringing minimal facial features to life! Alison Bechdel once wrote: “I never cease to be amazed by the dizzying range of emotions Leanne Franson can squeeze out of a noseless face with dots for eyes”. Join me in pushing your mastery of dots and lines!

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