Monday, September 11, 2023

An Old Mural in Bremerton, and Misery Whip

I went back to Bremerton for a friend's son's party, and stopped in to get some shots of a mural I helped on in 2001. I was amazed it still existed.

First of all, let me show you a photo of Jack Moriarty's band, Misery Whip. They were wonderful. I'm not necessarily fond of country, but when it's done well, I enjoy it. I've been watching Jack play since his guitar was bigger than him. He plays the pedal steel, too. The band is really something. The lead-in band was Jack Habegger's Celebrity Telethon, which was - well, if I can describe it - kind of like if Laurel Canyon went HARD rock. I really enjoyed those guys. 

Then we'll have the mural photos. I expected the colors in the deer mural to fade to autumn, because we'd been running out of paint as we got to the right side of the art. But somebody's been doing more green trees on it, which is just fine. I was amazed to see any of it was left. The street kids originally suggested the deer, and the bear, and the two cubs, which they named Frick and Frack. I think the stream is new, too.

Appropriately, the homeless of Bremerton seem to treat the area around the murals as a forest sanctuary. Yeah, there's a lot of tagging, but what the street kids can't reach, still remains. It looks cool and pleasant. Enjoy.