Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Price and Leo - by request (and pizza)

A friend wanted to see a picture of our Leo, who can muscle his way out of the door and nearly knock you over before you can get the door closed.  He'd eat a postman for breakfast -- if he wasn't so nice, and if we had postmen.

Left:  Price, Leo, Shadow, on our bed.

Woodstove pizza.  Just a little partly-wholewheat crust, tomato paste with oregano, green peppers, garlic-basil olive oil, black pepper, and a scattering of Monterey Jack cheese.  Pretty much your original peasant version, a little bit of ingredients stretched to seem like more.  Which is where all the good stuff comes from, including onion soup and pancakes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We Just Live Here

Why the drying clothes are not directly in front of Betsy the Woodstove.  

Actually, I need to get to her to stir the beans or have some tea, so I'm just kidding, Price!  (But don't tell him.)


His wounds are almost gone; this is how a melting kitty in front of the stove looks.  The big scar down his middle is from the operation.  He don't care.