Saturday, September 7, 2013

Will The Taliban Let Me Travel?

Me in Seattle, ECCC, Prism booth. OOH, I miss that town.
I need to go to Seattle November 19, 2013, to meet in one of the twelve - TWELVE - US offices to get my NEXUS travel card (those guys got SO abandoned - it takes 'em six months to do a background check. They must be using computers from 1993).

This is, of course, basically the Taliban allowing me to move outside the borders of a male-built country/boys' club on my own planet. Well, it is. Yes, I'm an old Trekkie - I think in PLANETS. The border patrol ever stops me and asks me where I'm from, I'm saying, "Earth."

Anyway, if anybody wants to see my friendly face for that date, let me know! We'll get together for SOMETHING. Me hunting Seattle real-estate, if nothing else. Because I feel my work out here is done - or other folks need to man up and take it on. Their turn.