Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Emerald City Comicon 2021 - MEET UP and UPDATES

This post will be updated as scheduling comes in.

Will Emerald City Comicon 2021 - December 2-5 - happen? Do we know? Since we can't, I got me a 4-day pro badge anyway. They're not expensive, so Just In Case works.

I'll be in Seattle for four days - Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The first two days, I'm staying away from the convention, because, you know, COVID. So Thursday and Friday, if you don't do the convention, we can say hi in person! I'll be organizing meet-ups, parties, and listing events, whether they're part of ECCC or no. I go home Monday morning.

If you have any event you'd like me to attend, or a dinner, or a party, let's list it here, so I can get really organized.

See you in December! OOH, Christmas decorations.