Sunday, February 2, 2014

Year of the Horse

The Chinese Man leads the way
This year's film of the Clallam Bay Dragon Dance is too much like last year's. So I'm just posting a couple photos. 

The "Chinese Man" is very odd. Sue Heiny, of the Three Sisters Clallam Art Gallery, wore it last year. She talked a young man into doing it this year. 

It's the usual silliness, and if it hadn't been for Sarah Grafstrom, who posted her Golden Dragon head on Facebook Friday, I wouldn't have gotten myself together in time to make this quick cardboard horse head. 

And bake up some quick 5-Spice Peanut sugar cookies. Yes, I cook with whatever I have in the cupboard. 

Thu, our favorite Vietnamese hairdresser, was in Vietnam this year, so she didn't provide her usual fabulous Vietnamese dishes, but the feast was pretty great.

Music afterwards, with some hard-driving guitar work, and the funniest version of one of the Dylan songs I ever heard (Oh, I can't think of the name). Sarah was, "This song is too long!" so they tempo'd it up to about five times as fast, with a drum-set driving behind them. I laughed so hard.

I can count with my hoof, too.
Met a very nice young man who was also a fan of Jeff Bridges and loved the animated movie, "Surf's Up."  You know how you see so many old farts (like me) hanging only with their own age? I dunno. I love all the new stuff, and this generation of kids and young men and women are just too cool. And fearless and funny. 

See? That brain damage that ruined my memory came in handy; I live in the moment. It's more fun! 

Um... Sarah threatened to choreograph a dance routine with me for the next party. I can't sing or play a musical instrument - and the only one I could hear, the highland war pipes, put blisters on my tongue as I tried to blow up the bag - but Sarah and I are the funniest dancers in town. Those of you who saw me dancing at conventions KNOW that.

Be afraid.