Monday, November 16, 2015

Isatope Comics Signing in San Francisco

Donna Barr, Mike Phillips, Twin Peaks
On the weekend after Halloween, 2015, Roberta Gregory and I were flown down to San Francisco to be interviewed as part of the film project by Mike Phillips, Secret Identities - LGBT documentary comic book film. I can't wait to see this film, full of everybody in the LGBT community and allies. It's going to be great.

On the first day after arriving, we were taken by our host, Mike Phillips, to see the Twin Peaks. What a view! Ravens - my totem bird and always a good omen - greeted us overhead.

Mike interviewed us in the rooftop garden of his apartment building, with some more beautiful views all around. Later, he picked up some more words from me
Blue Knight, me and Mike
at the carousel in Golden Gate Park - a place that has sweet personal memories for me. If you look very carefully behind the glass you can see my favorite horse, Blue Knight. 
We stayed with lovely folks in San Francisco, and all I can say about what part of town they live in is - Mummy Cat! Let's just say that when I first went to Baghdad by the Bay, I was walking to Hallowe'en in the Castro, and did a double-take at a mummified cat and mouse in a window. I never talked about this, until, walking the final block to the flat, I stopped short - there was Mummy Cat, with his mouse, again! Strange spooky weekend, including weird nostalgia.
A royal welcome.

The flat where we stayed is a writer's cooperative. They welcomed us royally with a banner - and a writer's evening of Chinese food and wine and readings. We were well-nourished, body and soul. 

Can I say enough about the signing at the Isatope Comics Lounge with Roberta Gregory, Saturday, the 7th of November? James Sime, the owner, must have gotten the word out everywhere, because the whole evening was filled up with fun people coming in to see us. Even old friends Don Simpson, a wonderfully creative artist on DeviantArt, and long-time colleague and comics historian Trina Robbins.

Roberta, Gnometown author, Me

Mexican mural and me.
Mike toured us around the city every day, stopping in every vegetarian Thai restaurant there is, and marking down some new ones for the future. During the tour, Roberta got this shot of me in front of a Mexican restaurant, featuring one of the many murals of San Francisco. 

Thank you, Mike, thanks to all his friends, thank you Isatope, thank you San Francisco. This trip will be long remembered fondly - and with anticipation for the new film.